A personal hypothesis on the influence of certain foods on our mood

This effect joins those previously reported for chocolate, teas and some other known comfort foods. The meeting, expected to attract more than 14, scientists and others, continues here through Thursday. In turn, our studies show that some commonly used flavor components are structurally similar to valproic acid," said Karina Martinez-Mayorga, Ph. Sold under brand names that include Depakene, Depakote and Stavzor, valproic acid is used to smooth out the mood swings of people with manic-depressive disorder and related conditions.

A personal hypothesis on the influence of certain foods on our mood

Inflammation and Mental Health There are many factors linked to suboptimal mental health.

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One of these is inflammation. In terms of depression, the link with inflammation was first discovered back in With respect to bipolar disorder, the link between it and immune dysfunction was proposed as far back as Others include neurotransmitter issues e. Research shows that inflammation may be a factor for about one-third of people with depression.

This article focuses specifically on the links between inflammation and mental health. Link 1 - Inflammation and Mental Health First of all, some mental health issues are associated with increased inflammatory markers like cytokines and CRP.

For example, people with depression tend to have higher levels of cytokines. In fact, some of the inflammatory markers found in the blood are known to reach the brain. High levels of inflammation may also inhibit recovery in people who experience mental health symptoms. In fact, some researchers believe that levels of inflammation may actually be able to predict negative mental health outcomes.

While inflammation may be part of the cause of mental health symptoms for some people, it can go in both directions.

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Mental health issues may also increase some of these inflammatory markers. Some animal studies show that stress can cause significant increase in inflammatory markers.

Even people who are stressed tend to have increased levels of inflammatory markers and lower levels of anti-inflammatory markers. Link 2 - Inflammatory Illnesses and Mental Health Inflammatory illnesses like allergic and autoimmune diseases, as well as metabolic conditions e. And this link also goes both ways - people with mental health symptoms are more likely to get metabolic-related conditions.

Link 3 - Inflammatory Medications and Mental Health People who take certain inflammatory medications are at increased risk of developing mental health symptoms. On the other hand, some medications used to treat depression e.

SSRIs reduce levels of some inflammatory markers. Link 4 - Inflammatory Diets and Mental Health There is growing evidence that people who eat a high quality diet tend to have a better sense of well-being and better mental health. This includes better moods and lower stress. Certain anti-inflammatory diets have lower rates of mental health issues.

This also means that studies show links between unhealthy eating patterns and mental health issues. Mental Toughness My personal mental health strategy comes with self-improvement and mental toughness strategies.

I love reading self-improvement books and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Things like learning to let things go and practicing positive self-talk can go a long way towards one's happiness and living a less stressful life.

Foods and Moods Evidence for a link between what we eat and how we feel is fairly new. The first studies to be published on this were as recent as As an example, one study concluded: These not-so-healthy dietary patterns include higher intakes of: Saturated fat and processed meats; Refined sugars and starches; and Fried and processed foods.

People who eat this way tend to report more mental health symptoms than those who eat a more health-promoting diet. And, several recent studies consider poor eating habits to be a risk factor for some mental health issues. Not surprisingly, these not-so-healthy foods are also linked with higher inflammatory markers like CRP.

And several studies show that improving the diet can reduce levels of CRP. This diet includes a lot of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, fish, and olive oil. It also contains a lot of nutrients and fibre.

A personal hypothesis on the influence of certain foods on our mood

Eating a Mediterranean-style diet is associated with lower levels of inflammatory markers and a reduced risk of mental health issues. This complex association between food and mental health can also go both ways.

Mental health symptoms can also influence appetite and food choices.The emerging field of nutritional psychiatry is finding that the food you eat directly affects the structure of your digestive tract, the function of your brain, and, ultimately, your mood.

Eating behaviour: attitudes to food and eating behaviour. STUDY. PLAY. TV influence our food choices with celeb endorsed food. Magazines provide slim role models encouraging disordered eating/ dieting.

media has major impact both on what people eat and their attitudes to certain foods. Individuals place information into the context of.

Personal Development. Emotion Management; Productivity; Education and Learning; Better Mood = Better Life. Music is a safe and cheap way to improve your mood.

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