Disaster essay

List of forest fires Wildfires are large fires which often start in wildland areas. Common causes include lightning and drought but wildfires may also be started by human negligence or arson. They can spread to populated areas and can thus be a threat to humans and property, as well as wildlife. Notable cases of wildfires were the Peshtigo Fire in the United States, which killed at least people, and the Victorian bushfires in Australia.

Disaster essay

Hire Writer Other measures include the exercise and development of effective methods of warning the population about the occurrence of an emergency coupled with evacuation plans and emergence shelters, maintenance of enough disaster equipments and supply besides the necessary inventory and finally, the development of emergence organizations of properly trained volunteers among the population in an area.

Disaster essay

Another important aspect of this phase is the prediction of the casualties that can be expected from a given disaster which helps the planners to estimate the amount and type of resources needed to respond to an emergence.

In the response phase, emergence managers are charged with the role of mobilizing all the required resources to deal with a disaster. Resources such as firefighters, police and ambulance among others forms the first wave of responders to a disaster to help save and put to a safe place those hit by the disaster.

The planners mobilize all the resources inclusive of human resources and other type of resources such as evacuation cars and ladders, medical supplies among others. Disaster essay effectiveness of this phase is based on how Disaster essay the planners had organized and rehearsed the preparedness phase Krischenbaum,p.

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The final phase is that of recovery or reconstruction of the affected area in an effort to restore it to its previous status. Here, planners would organize the reconstruction of infrastructure, and offering aid to the affected individuals to help recover and reconstruct their lives.

The process of risk analysis A risk can be defined as a quantifiable probability of specific eventualities. In regard to disasters, a risk can be seen as the probability of negative outcomes of a disaster.

Risk analysis involves the application of various strategies and methods in assessing the possible impact of a disaster occurrence in a society. It involves the application of various tools such as cost benefit analysis in an effort to have an idea regarding the potential impact of a disaster.

As such, risk analysis is an important step in emergence management as it helps emergence managers to better organize resources for effective mitigation and response to a disaster.

Risk analysis help in determining the situations likely to occur and which needs most of the attention in planning process. It involves the identification of threats posed by a disaster inclusive of the economic and social risks.

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As such, disaster managers should assess the risks in terms of loss of lives, property among other resources in the society.

After such identification, the managers should try and quantify the risk through the application of various tools such as socio-economic cost benefit analysis. Whether faced with a shortage of resources or not, managers should undertake risk analysis as this will help them have a clear picture of what they would expect if a given disaster occurs.

They will be able to effectively allocate resources during the planning period and effectively respond to a given disaster with the required speed, resources and preciseness Sundra,p. An actual assessment of possible risks through the available tools of analysis is thus important if emergence planning process is to be effective as a whole.

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Managers should therefore conduct risk analysis for better allocation of resources besides better planning. The importance of emergence plan to a community or urgency? There are various types of disasters that can face any given community. Some disasters are easy to mitigate while others cannot be mitigated nor can they be prevented from occurring.

For example, while it is possible to mitigate the consequences of flooding, it is not possible to stop the rain from falling. Still, measures can be put in place to avoid certain consequences associated with hurricanes by it is practically impossible to prevent a hurricane from occurring.Nov 18,  · Disaster essays.

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This essay seeks to provide an overview of insurance specifically on assessment, measurement and management of both man-made risks and natural disaster risks.

The essay further highlights the formulas adopted in measuring man-made risks. The Disaster Management Act, was enacted for establishing requisite institutional mechanisms for drawing up and monitoring the implementation of disaster management plans, and for undertaking a holistic, coordinated, and prompt response to any disaster situation.

Disaster essay

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