Don t bully my breed

The truth is that American pit bull terriers are in fact a distinct breed; they are part of a group of working breeds that descended from the Molosser dog.

Don t bully my breed

Before you do so, please read on. Take a walk down the halls of almost any shelter, any day, and you will see a myriad of sad, lonely faces--homeless faces pleading for a chance to give love that they have never been given. Sadly, most of these dogs don't make it out of the shelters alive.

Rescue organizations are overflowing with dogs, unable to save all that cross their paths because there are just too many. And not even close to enough homes.

Think long and hard before you add to the already overflowing supply, or give money to someone who does. The dogs that make it to the shelter, or better yet, into a rescue program, are the lucky ones.

Many dogs never even get that far, falling victim to gross neglect or outright cruelty. The fact is, many people breed litters or litters are produced accidentally and puppies are ignorantly allowed to end up in abusive situations.

Puppies grow up to be not-so- cute adult dogs, owners tire of them and then relinquish them to shelters where they are euthanized.

Dogs are placed into abusive homes because many breeders don't screen, or just don't care who takes their pups. Too often dogs wind up dead on the streets, set on fire, beaten, shot, and worse. Do you really need to breed your dog? Ask yourself why this is something you want to do.

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Is it fair to your dog? Fair to the breed? Are you certain that supporting a breeder is what you want to do?

Don t bully my breed

Have you considered adoption instead? Please read on for more info scroll down Buying from a breeder?

Thinking about breeding your dog? If you are simply looking for a great pet, rescuing a dog can be the best decision you ever made. If you do buy a dog from a breeder, make sure you support an ethical breeder and not a "BYB" or commercial breeder click here to find out what an ethical breeder is.

Be sure to stay away from pet shops that sell puppies, as well please see the following For more information on where to get a Pit Bull please see the Ownership page.

Below is some information and food for thought. Don't breed your dog before reading the following! But in the dog breeding world, the term is considered very negative. Backyard breeders are not particularly knowledgeable about their breed, dogs in general, genetics or the breeding procedure, and the puppies they produce are low quality, possibly sick or temperamentally unsound.

There really is no reason to breed the family dog. The chance that a haphazardly-mated dog will produce puppies that end up just like the parents is slim.

Friends and family who swear they will take a puppy end up missing in action when the time to bring a puppy home actually arrives.Hello Bully’s 10th Annual Lovers Not Fighters Gala. Hello Bully is a little rescue doing big things, and our gala is no exception!

We are so excited about our TENTH annual Lovers Not Fighters Gala! This article and accompanying infographic investigates Pit Bull facts and the misunderstood dog behind the label of this “dangerous dog” breed.

The Problem The American Bully is a young and unstable breed. Too many Bully breeders want to impose their imprint and eventually, they just make it hard for true Bully lovers to find their space.

Don't Bully My Breed is an advocacy organization that is dedicated to the welfare of bully breeds and other companion animals. We raise money to help with rescue and adoption of bully breeds and work to a ssist the public with .

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Don't Bully My Breed