English lessons through literature with writing and rhetoric

Modern composition scolds traditional writing instruction as rote and unimaginative. It takes imitation to task for a lack of freedom and personal expression. And yet, effective communication from writer to reader always requires some sort of form and structure. In other words, writing takes the same kind of determined study as ballet or diving.

English lessons through literature with writing and rhetoric

Besides being very visually appealing, it hits just the right balance for us in terms of age-appropriate instruction and lively fun activities.

Even my 7-year-old wants to join in sometimes. This is our most successful writing program so far and I am looking forward to continuing with this series. Today we are finishing lesson 2. This is the only program in 6 years my 6th-grade son has not cried and he even said today that he likes it.

I like the pace and understanding it is teaching. My 4th-grade daughter is doing great too.

english lessons through literature with writing and rhetoric

My daughter asks every day to get started on her writing! It is restful learning! I LOVE that you maintain the positive elements of classical education without requiring the tedious repetition and copious problems that so many classical curriculum models fall prey too.

When a child is so preoccupied with getting quantity done, he has no time left to ingest, process and assimilate concepts. Your books manage to accomplish this so I always look forward to seeing what else you have published. Thank you for the value you add to homeschooling!

My kids no longer complain about writing. My youngest three will definitely be using it all the way through. I wish it had been around for my older kids.

While my son claims to hate writing, this is what he shared with me today: I enjoyed working on those stories. I am a former public school teacher and searched long and hard for a high-quality writing curriculum that would inspire my son to be creative while also teaching him structure.

The stories are wonderful and engaging and we have had so much fun with it. They are making great progress and have moved from dreading their writing assignments to eagerly anticipating them each week. Fable, he had been a very reluctant writer.

After only the first lesson, he wrote an outstanding original story completely on his own. My husband and I were amazed, and humbled, at how much was stored up in that little mind of his, just waiting to come out.

Thank you, Classical Academic Press, for this program. Please continue the good work of providing excellent classical materials that are manageable for home educators.

After dabbling for years in [other] programs. These programs were too boring or dry or complicated; they sucked the life out of the subject and my kids were bored. The tone is conversational, but the information is complex; the exercises are creative, yet rigorous.

I love how they are introducing cultural literacy and logic while teaching writing. Not only did I see my kids really thinking and improving their writing skills, they actually enjoyed it along the way!

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I love both the content and method of this curriculum. Regarding content, the readings that lay the foundation and provide inspiration for each lesson are wonderfully rich and thought-provoking.

Many interesting discussions have stemmed from the readings, essay assignments and formal discussion topics. The thought has occurred to me many times that experiences like these are exactly the reason I love the freedom of homeschooling.

In my own humble opinion! She begged me to do it and worked through three revisions of it without a single complaint! She does love to write outside of school, but it has always been hard to get her to write for school, so this is such a victory!English Lessons Through Literature (ELTL) is a complete language arts program for elementary and middle school students.

Each level has a textbook and an optional workbook which can be . the mastery of communication through mainstream media. CSET English: Essay Writing and Rhetoric Chapter Exam Instructions games, project ideas, and more to supplement your lessons 03/22/ / 13 Comments / by Bethany Tags: ART AND NATURE, English, English Lessons Through Literature, grammar, LOWER SCHOOL, TOOLS AND RESOURCES, UPPER SCHOOL, writing Share this entry Share on Facebook.

Students will focus on an area of disciplinary interest to them, and practice these essential research and writing skills through a series of projects: library assignments, research log, research proposal, annotated bibliography, literature review, abstract, research paper and reflection paper.

Plan your minute lesson in English / Language Arts or Classics (Literature) with helpful tips from Tim Pappageorge Introduction to Rhetoric through Analysis of Satire; LESSON 3: Caesar Act 1, Introduction to Rhetoric through Analysis of Satire.

Add to Favorites. 11 . The goal of these lessons is to prepare students for rhetoric, which is the art of writing well and speaking persuasively.

This method assumes that students learn best by reading excellent examples of literature and by growing their skills through imitation.

Writing & Rhetoric Book 1: Fable (Student Edition) | Classical Academic Press