Explain the features of descriptive essay

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Explain the features of descriptive essay

Most of these principles can be applied to either command-line or graphical environments. I welcome suggestions for changes and additions -- I would like this to be viewed as an "open-source" evolving document.

The principle of user profiling -- Know who your user is. Before we can answer the question "How do we make our user-interfaces better", we must first answer the question: A design that is better for a technically skilled user might not be better for a non-technical businessman or an artist.

One way around this problem is to create user models. The result of this process is a detailed description of one or more "average" users, with specific details such as: What are the user's goals?

What are the user's skills and experience? What are the user's needs? Armed with this information, we can then proceed to answer the question: How do we leverage the user's strengths and create an interface that helps them achieve their goals?

In the case of a large general-purpose piece of software such as an operating system, there may be many different kinds of potential users.

In this case it may be more useful to come up with a list of user dichotomies, such as "skilled vs. Another way of answering this question is to talk to some real users.

Direct contact between end-users and developers has often radically transformed the development process. The principle of metaphor -- Borrow behaviors from systems familiar to your users.

Explain the features of descriptive essay

Frequently a complex software system can be understood more easily if the user interface is depicted in a way that resembles some commonplace system.

The ubiquitous "Desktop metaphor" is an overused and trite example.

Four Types of Writing

Another is the tape deck metaphor seen on many audio and video player programs. In addition to the standard transport controls play, rewind, etc.

This concept of "extendibility" is what distinguishes a powerful metaphor from a weak one.An essay has been defined in a variety of ways. One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse".

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Explain the features of descriptive essay
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