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First off, I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to this company. Based on past reviews on this forum as well as John Marshall's own postings, I finally gave in and placed my order for 6 of their movies a few months back.

And here's a review of one that I especially liked. I initially had high hopes for Basement Schoolgirl mainly because I thought the female star, Kirsten, looked quite appealing in the stills and the movie trailer I had seen. In fact, I ordered another film with her, Hogtie Killer 3, which then turned out to be the one dud out of the batch.

And after watching her lifeless, almost bored performance in that film, I was wondering if I might have made a mistake ordering this one. I knew she was cute but based on that film, I wasn't convinced she could effectively play a victim.

Fortunately, her performance this time around is much better.

Planning ahead

The movie gets right down to business in the opening minute. Kirsten looking adorable in pigtails and wearing a Catholic high school uniform and white knee socks is attacked upon entering her home by the male villain, played by Cock Jewstow For discussion, that's obviously not his real name.

He announces that he's looking for For discussion father and she knows where he is. For the next few minutes, Kirsten gets a vicious beating, as he randomly punches, slaps and kicks the girl into submission.

It's not long before her pretty face and body are covered with bruises. After knocking her out with a blow to the face, he picks her up and throws the unconscious girl down on the bed. He pulls away her clothing and decides to check out his prized catch a little closer. After sucking her nipple, he starts to finger her pussy.

This causes Kirsten to wake up and instinctively try to cover herself up. The man tells her he knows exactly who she is, knows that's she just turned 18 and has never had a boyfriend.

He orders her to tell him the whereabouts of her father. She denies knowing where he is, so he grabs her again and handcuffs her wrists behind her, telling her she's going to take a ride in his trunk.

He straps a black ballgag into her mouth and leads her away. Then there's a fadeout and they're now in a basement.

For discussion

Director, what happened to the ride in the trunk? I would have loved to have seen Kirsten loaded up like cargo and driven to the new location. Kind of a gyp they never shot that scene. Anyway, yeah, they're now in the basement. Bad Guy unlocks Kirsten's handcuffs and gag and orders her to remove her clothes.

She reluctantly complies, until it comes down to removing her bra and panties. He's not taking no for an answer, so he throws her down onto an old mattress and gives her a couple of well-placed kicks to give her some convincing.

That does the trick. After she's completely stripped, he orders Kirsten to lay on the mattress and masturbate. She claims she's never done that so he has to show her how, then he gives up and pulls her to her feet. He orders her on her knees, then handcuffs her hands again Hands tied in front just doesn't cut it.

To her credit, Kirsten does a good job playing a virgin, acting like she doesn't know how to suck cock. Most actresses probably would have jumped in there and started sucking away like a whore which I hatebut Kirsten is tentative, confused and half crying, exactly the proper way to approach this scene.

It just would have been a whole lot better if her hands had been cuffed behind her. He then positions Kirsten on all fours and proceeds to rape her from behind not simulated. Her hands are still cuffed in front of her, but since she's not tied to anything, I'm not sure it even qualifies as bondage rape, or if so, just barely.

This looks even worse once her flips her on her back and fucks her missionary style. She just willingly holds her wrists in front of her and doesn't attempt to escape, she just lets him do it to her, and he cums inside her pussy.

How much better would this scene have been had she truly been tied effectively? Another bad directing choice. Now that playtime is over, the movie really gets down to business.Let the discussion peak by asking questions that require students to apply concepts and principles they have developed to new data and different situations.

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