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If you'd like to be able to hide the drawers of inactive clients, customers, or patients without deleting them, there are two ways to do it: Maintain a Separate Cabinet The way we usually recommend is to create a new cabinet for inactive clients. That removes the clutter from your active cabinet but still gives you access to the archived information.

Generic text only custom paper size

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A harness is a common solution for encapsulating interfaces, binding them to the DUT, and publishing virtual interface assignments. We show how to enhance the harness with interfaces that work with both master and slave agents, in active and passive modes, with active RTL or stub modules, and can tolerate changes to design hierarchy.

We accomplish this using interfaces with standard SystemVerilog features of binding and port coercion. Examples demonstrate how we can now encapsulate methods that access internal signals, change UVM agent roles between tests, and dynamically inject stimulus to any portion of a design without impact to how we connect and use interfaces from testbench components.

This also allows us to efficiently run tests that verify different portions of a design using a single compile. Over the course of this project we faced some obstacles and stumbling blocks concerning different aspects.

By sharing our experience and some tips and hints, we hope to provide others with a smoother experience. Perplexing Parameter Permutation Problems? As demand for feature density or power efficiency increases, the number of permutations of valid RTL parameters becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

A well structured and flexible verification testbench is therefore required to handle the multiplicity of combinations of these parameters.

Failure to account for this could result in a testbench that would become difficult to maintain, or, worse, no longer adequate to find potential bugs in all possible permutations of the parameters.

This paper proposes solutions for structuring various segments of a UVM test bench to handle designs with large amounts of DUT parameter combinations, minimizing maintenance effort and risk of bug escapes.

Alex MelikianPaul Marriott Presentation 3.

generic text only custom paper size

However, applying it to real projects can bring challenges and frustrations for novice and intermediate-level users. This paper examines typical examples of such challenges, and offers solutions that respect fundamental aims of the UVM: Examples include integration of directed tests or external models into the sequences mechanism, reconciling the abstract and untimed nature of sequences with the need for precise control over stimulus timing, proper use of the configuration or resource databases and when it is better not to use them, and working with a parameterized device under test.

This tutorial aims to address that initial lack of confidence and basic knowledge, helping engineers to get started on real project work using formal verification. Fundamentally, a register model holds the contents of each register in the design for use by the verification environment, while a configuration object holds the configuration for the interface protocol agents, verification components and verification environment.

So while one is implementation specific register model and one is generic configuration objectthey both hold configuration information and are both required in a given testbench.

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