Insomnia research papers

Sleep DisordersMajor Depressive DisorderSleep DeprivationSleep Wake Transition Anyone who has spent a sleepless night needs no convincing about the subjective discomfort associated with lying in bed awake and unable to sleep. In addition to nighttime discomfort, insomnia is associated with a wide assortment of daytime impairments, some intuitive and some startling. A number of studies have found decreased scores on quality-of-life scales in persons with insomnia. On the Short Form SF Health Survey, persons with insomnia score lower than good sleepers on measures such as emotional role, mental health, and vitality.

Insomnia research papers

October 30, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Although this statement does not have any scientific proof yet, it is possible, that every single person on the globe is affected by some form of insomnia.

Psychoanalysis/Insomnia term paper

Not many of us are aware, that insomnia is a symptom, not a disease, and thus it is associated with a wide variety of medical, psychiatric, and sleep disorders. Insomnia can be defined as abnormal wakefulness or inability to sleep [The Columbia Encyclopedia, ], and it may include problems like difficulty falling asleep, sleeping too lightly, being easily disrupted with multiple spontaneous awakenings, or awakening in the early morning with an inability to fall back asleep.

Experts also state that there is one additional condition taken into account: General Statistics In general practice, sleep disturbance is a common complaint that has numerous reports nation and worldwide. According to Janet Hopson, surveys conducted in the s showed that a few adults in the United States reported some degree of insomnia at any given time.

One-fifth of them believed their sleep problems were chronic [Hopson, ].

Insomnia Research Paper Sample

The situation seems to worsen in recent years: Statistics show Americans stay in bed per night on average for seven hours, and almost 60 percent report they have troubles with sleep at least a few nights every single week [Marano, ].

It is accepted that insomnia is a serious public health problem. Types of Insomnia There are three officially recognized categories of insomnia: Severe insomnia is brief but it, in fact, is the most common.

Persons with insomnia have an elevated whole-body metabolic rate, which is not seen in study participants who do not have insomnia but whose sleep has been experimentally disrupted. 15,16 Perhaps most intriguing are positron emission tomography (PET) scan studies that indicate that persons with insomnia have increased overall cerebral glucose metabolic rates both when asleep and awake. Psychoanalysis term papers (paper ) on Insomnia: Insomnia comes in many forms and worries people of all ages, most commonly for just a night or two, but sometimes for weeks, months, and. Term paper Home, Why The free Psychoanalysis research paper (Insomnia essay). Research Papers words ( pages) Insomnia Essay - Insomnia comes in many forms and worries people of all ages, most commonly for just a night or two, .

Some crisis most often causes it, and the insomnia is over when the crisis ends. Chronic insomnia is the most complicated and long-term form — it can last for years or even a lifetime.

Scientists still argue what period to consider for either type of sleep impairment. Some believe that acute insomnia lasts no longer than four weeks Rajput and Bromley, Others think that a period for this category should be much more substantial — up to six months [Rowley, ].

In most cases, transient, or intermittent type of insomnia can be relieved with appropriate attention to the cause of the problem. Chronic insomnia is much more complicated than acute transient insomnia, and it requires a more complicated approach identification and treatment.

Causes of sleep impairment Experts have discovered numerous reasons that may lead to problems with sleep.

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The origins of insomnia can be psychological, medical, dietary, drug-related or even environmental. The most common cause of insomnia is mental such as depression, anxiety, worry, fear or an overactive mind.

Medical causes of insomnia are physical pain and discomfort, chronic disease, or medical conditions e. Individuals that suffer the sleep apnea disorder stop breathing during sleep and wakes up abruptly numerous times a night. Excessive heat or cold, humidity, noise may all cause insomnia.Psychoanalysis term papers (paper ) on Insomnia: Insomnia comes in many forms and worries people of all ages, most commonly for just a night or two, but sometimes for weeks, months, and.

Insomnia research papers

Term paper Home, Why The free Psychoanalysis research paper (Insomnia essay). What to Expect During an In-lab Sleep Study.

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The aim of the report is to promote the use of a new pharmaceutical medication whose aim so to fight insomnia. Read our insomnia research paper sample. Primary insomnia includes a person having sleep difficulties by themselves without a connection to any other health problem.

Secondary insomnia is a sleep condition that accompanies another health condition such as cancer, arthritis, or asthma.

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