Marketing audit subway essay

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Marketing audit subway essay

Subway is providing the traditional submarine sandwich along with low fat and Atkins friendly low carbohydrate wraps to address the current health concerns with obesity in developed countries, particularly the U. As a top competitor, it is the number 2 submarine sandwich chain with over 2, quick serve restaurants serving oven baked signature subs or build your own options.

Other menu items include salads, soups and dessert items.

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They have both national and international locations. The national number 3 submarine sandwich chain with over 1, locations serving hot and cold but no cook submarine and wrap style sandwiches, salads, and soups.

They have introduced a Blimpie Carb Counter Menu. Blimpie actively markets to families and children with their Busy Blimpie activity web page and Ecards. They have moved into offering sandwiches in vending machines. Franchise locations include both national and international locations.

Not a nationally recognized brand at this time. Over restaurant locations in more than 12 states and Puerto Rico. Offers hot and cold sub sandwiches, cheesesteak sandwiches, gyros and salads. Not a strong player in the healthy fast food marketing at this time.

Specializing in standardized procedures getting food from approved suppliers, they are expanding their menu offering healthy options such as salads.

Still considered a big challenge to our franchise. The number 2 hamburger chain still offering the Whopper, there are over 11, restaurants worldwide. However, they now offer various grilled chicken submarine sandwiches on baguettes and this may be a development of concern.

The Whopper sandwich is still popular, with other chicken sandwiches, salads and breakfast items being offered. May be more of a threat if salad bars are reintroduced.

With over 7, locations and of these located internationally, the main focus is fresh cooked Mexican style food with shredded cheese, lettuce, beans, chicken and ground beef as the main ingredients.

Currently there is no marketing campaign regarding it as a healthy food. They are maintaining their leadership in the Mexican style fast food focus. Organic Act in Services Subway Restaurants maintains its leadership in being named the number one franchise in With emphasis on the healthy fast food alternative, Subway expects to continue to receive a favorable response to the Atkins friendly wraps, and the low fat submarine sandwiches.

The Jared promotions continue to bring new customers in looking for a healthier alternative. The following are characteristics of the products: Extensive franchise support and training allows a quality and consistent dining experience for the customer along with competitive pricing.

An upscale traditional fast-food restaurant along with some untraditional outlets such as airports and colleges in high density population areas.

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Traditionally franchise outlets are from 1, to 2, square feet. Average 12 to 18 both full- and part-time. Keys to Success Franchise locations and pooled efforts in regional ad campaigns are critical to brand success. Additionally, health and weight concerns should continue to drive consumer demand for Atkins friendly and low fat submarine sandwiches.

Marketing audit subway essay

Critical Issues Subway Restaurants has a Totals sales continue to climb as the total number of locations increased by 14 percent in over Total market saturation has obviously not been reached. It may suggest the upgrading of older franchises would prevent erosion of current customer base.The report presents a brief introduction of the Subway sandwich chain and focuses mainly on its marketing strategies and objectives.

For that it presents an analysis of its internal and external environments along with a detailed SWOT analysis for the company. A marketing audit Is a detailed analysis of the elements that constitute or influence a company’s efforts to profitably market its products- today and in future when both market and products may undergo radical change (John, Alexander, & Theodore, ).

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Marketing audit subway essay

Essay title: Marketing Audit Overview The approach to my marketing audit will consist of the following key points. The way in which the audit information acquirement will take place/5(1).

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