Module 6 answers

Quiz Preparing for Submission When the State or authorized Tribe has completed the process of developing its water quality standards, the following steps must be taken before adopting and submitting them to EPA for review: Make the submission package available for public review—that is, the standards and supporting documentation. Convene a formal public hearing on the standards. The public hearing notification should specify the time and location of the hearing, provide an agenda and listing of major issues to be addressed, and identify the location of the submission package for public review.

Module 6 answers

First, the only global variables Python really has are module-scoped variables. You cannot make a variable that is truly global; all you can do is make a variable in a particular scope.

If you make a variable inside the Python interpreter, and then import other modules, your variable is in the outermost scope and thus global within your Python session.

All you have to do to make a module-global variable is just assign to a name. Imagine a file called foo. X prints 1 However, let's suppose you want to use one of your module-scope variables as a global inside a function, as in your example.

Python's default is to assume that function variables are local.

Module 6 answers

You simply add a global declaration in your function, before you try to use the global. But for variables that might contain a number value that might be 0, you can't just say if not variablename; in that case, you should explicitly test for None using the is operator.

I modified the example to add an explicit None test. The explicit test for None is never wrong, so I default to using it. Finally, as others have noted on this page, two leading underscores signals to Python that you want the variable to be "private" to the module.

But if you just do a simple import mymodule and then say dir mymodule you will see the "private" variables in the list, and if you explicitly refer to mymodule. The double leading underscores are a major clue to users of your module that you don't want them rebinding that name to some value of their own.

If, for some reason, you need to do something like this in a very old version of Python that doesn't have the global keyword, there is an easy workaround.

Instead of setting a module global variable directly, use a mutable type at the module global level, and store your values inside it.

Module 6 answers

In your functions, the global variable name will be read-only; you won't be able to rebind the actual global variable name. If you assign to that variable name inside your function it will only affect the local variable name inside the function. But you can use that local variable name to access the actual global object, and store data inside it.

You can use a list but your code will be ugly: But the most convenient is a class instance, and you can just use a trivial class: But the dict solution works fine also.

With a dict you can use any hashable value as a key, but when you are happy with names that are valid identifiers, you can use a trivial class like Box in the above.Prev - Grade 8 Mathematics Module 5, Topic B, Lesson Grade 8 Mathematics Module 6.


Grade 8 Module 6: Linear Functions. In Grades 6 and 7, students worked with data involving a single variable. Module 6 introduces students to bivariate data. Students are introduced to a function as a rule that assigns exactly one value to each input.

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