Presidential campaign essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. For a large scale or national political campaign, there are important departments, functions and strategies to carefully consider. There are questions to take into account when planning a political campaign for a presidential candidate, like how to recruit competent staff, how to get reliable political consultants, what departments, positions and functions to create, what fund-raising strategies to implement, what is the main message of the campaign, what are the political campaign strategies to employ. The work of a political campaign manager starts from the very beginning— that is, from the time the presidential candidate made his decision to run.

Presidential campaign essay

Sewanee University of the South Type of paper: Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The campaign is on a high note with the primary candidates Trump and Hillary Clinton trying to convince people why they are the best.

The reason this is a historic election is the fact that the United States has never had a qualified woman candidate before. It is hard to tell who the best between the two candidates is but from the past debates; it has become evident to me that Hillary Clinton is the best.

She is by far a composed individual who is ready to take the United States to a new level. If I can rate her from the debate results, there is no doubt that she remains the best candidate and this is the reason I contend, Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to be the United States compared to Donald Trump.

I know we all have the right to choose the candidate we believe he is the best; I have my reasons to consider Hillary Clinton, an outstanding candidate. First, Hillary is the best candidate is because of her stand in immigrants in the United States.

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It is clear that immigrants occupy a significant population in the United States especially since the onset of the Syrian war. The number of people migrating from Syria to the United States has increased over the years.

These are the needy individuals who have escaped death by an inch, and the only thing they need is a place to call home.

There is the increasing rate of unemployment, the high rate of crimes and the unpredictable position of the United States on the international platform. The fact that Hillary had devoted her eight years to the political career gives her an advantage over Trump who in this case can be called a novice politician.

Her resume is among the stacked resumes and, while at Wellesley College she was elected as the senior class president with honor in Law.

This is only the necessary information about Clinton, while Trump has never been in charge of any political office and the fact that he has managed to build a business empire does not make him the best candidate.

Running a business is a different thing from running a super power. Hillary, on the other hand, has handled several political offices, and with this experience, I believe she will manage to address these issues during her term compared to Trump.

There is little we know about Trump, but through his speech, we can be able to tell the person he is.

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Trump is an individual who imagines there is no need advisor or any policies to guide him. Trump also has no idea on important issues like mitigating unemployment where he talks about empowering the middle class, the issue of abortion, minimum wages, debt, and the healthcare issues.

It is clear that if elected he is an individual who will lead the United States to total darkness and this is the reason he is a bad bet.

She is committed to the environment, and her value to the environment can be connected back to several decades. Also as a President, Hillary is determined to impose the protection of the environment as the primary activity. In the first place, she promises to repeal the Big Oil Subsidies and make sure the organizations drilling in the Arctic are stopped.

Presidential campaign essay

In this case, Hillary is planning to invest in safe energy that is relevant to the next generation. She also aims at creating renewable energy when she promises to install over half a billion solar panels in the United States, which is the best move to safeguarding the environment.

We all know that environment is life and the fact that we will have the president who values the good being of the environment is the best thing that happens to the United States.

Hillary Clinton has also fought for the well being of the health sector in the United States since the 90s. This was the time she fought against the aim of the insurance companies who aimed at derailing the health care reforms. This is the point that Clinton won the war and managed to sign in the Insurance health care for children that has ensured more than eight million kids.

She is also in full support for the Obama care Act, which objects at creating a healthcare to across 20 million citizens. This is where Hillary proves to the United States that her interest to the nation is confident and that she is ready to make any change.

I also believe as a superpower nation; we need a president who is competent and a composed president who can handle issues competitively. However, from the previous presidential campaign, has proved that Hillary is more competitive and relaxed than Trump. When giving answers, she appears composed and answers Trump in a professional way, unlike Trump who only concentrates on being defensive.

The worst part is that he does not accept defeat to the extent that he claims that the microphone was not working.Sep 06,  · Best Countries. How Russian Trolls Behave.

A look at the patterns of behaviors Russian troll accounts exhibited on social media surrounding the U.S. presidential election. Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig penned an essay in October outlining a series of hypothetical scenarios that could take place were an ongoing probe to find evidence that the Trump.

As more and more evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia has come to light, the analogy to Watergate has grown ever stronger. In both cases, a burglary of the Democratic National Committee, undertaken to influence the outcome of an election, ignited a.

Essay on Impact Of Television in Presidential Coverage Words 6 Pages In the 's, television, having been introduced to political coverage as a new medium, surpassed the dominance of newspaper and radio media as the primary public source of information regarding politics by This is the tenth article in a series that reviews news coverage of the general election, explores how Donald Trump won and why his chances were underrated by most of the American media.

Live From the Campaign Trail: The Greatest Presidential Campaign Speeches of the Twentieth Century and How They Shaped Modern America [Michael A. Cohen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publishing into the teeth of the election, a selection of the best, most rousing presidential stump speeches.

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