Rewriting as a single log

This depends a lot on what you mean by "revert". Temporarily switch to a different commit If you want to temporarily go back to it, fool around, then come back to where you are, all you have to do is check out the desired commit: This will detach your HEAD, that is, leave you with no branch checked out: If you've made changes, as always when switching branches, you'll have to deal with them as appropriate.

Rewriting as a single log

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This is an under 20 dollar part that will save you loads of grief during season. Pulled the prop off the outdrive that failed expecting to see mono wrapped around the prop shaft. So, water intrusion came from elsewhere. With the amount of water inside the outdrive was surprised to see it didn't freeze and crack.

That's why is always wise to change this lower unit lube for storage. Working in a cold pole barn is not my idea of fun! Prying it loose from the gasket was the hard part. Now, it's off and that's the good part. Have another outdrive to install, but I'm waiting on a new water pump impeller before I can call this job done.

Then, worry about fixing this one next spring. There's a lot of dedication involved being a boat owner that transcends any kind of frustration. Accepting and fixing problems is all part of the game. Soon to be forgotten when you have a big fish coming to the net!!

Getting your boat in shipshape should be done before winter's long nap.


Drained the lower end gear lube in my Mercruiser outdrive yesterday. Problem was it was all water with very little lube. This means there was a major seal failure for water egress. Pulling the prop today to see what's behind the propeller?

Silver lining to this costly issue? MI season will be missed. Winter in Manistee means snow. Lately wet sticky snow on my satellite dish have prevented early morning updates. Side scan vertical slashes are supposed to be fish, reinforced with a double echo behind the 1st slash from what I learned on YouTube.

Side scan over deep water has yet to show me anything but lumps of bait. Simrad down-vision deep water performance is scrap compared to my Raymarine C GPS does a what it should as a plotter navigational system.

Touch screen is a mixed blessing. Yes, easy to operate Sonar is our greatest tool to get dialed in. My 1st paper graph was 6" Mecca purchased in that opened my underwater eyes beyond belief! Have a safe hunt and good luck! Knowing fish we're after are not stationary targets and constantly on the move is part of the reason.

Fish are just short slashes unless it's a lump of bait that tends to stay put. My side scan works best on the starboard side. Port side is semi obstructed by the outdrive.

rewriting as a single log

Plan for is to raise the outdrive to get a better picture both ways. Approaching mid-November and no report yet.

Do have an interesting commentary to share with you when the final numbers come out. Last year there was 1, Kings captured with double that number for Coho. Even though that was a minor increase over --log-size. Include a line “log size ” in the output for each commit, where is the length of that commit’s message in bytes.

Writing is Zen. Writing isn’t about inspiration or waiting for your muse to arrive and undress. Writing is about getting down to it, about finding your way into the moment and sustaining the energy for as long as you can effectively and in the rhythm of your narrative. Drew McLellan opens 24 ways’ ninth annual advent calendar with a primer on the sometimes arcane lore of rewriting URLs.

But while Drew may ably match URL patterns using regular expressions, that shirt with the snowflake pattern clashes hideously with his holly and ivy tie.

Let's write as a fraction. So , the 8 right over here is in the tenths place. It is the tenths place. So you could read this as 8 tenths. And we can write that literally as being equal to 8 tenths, or 8 over And now we've already written it as a fraction, and if we want, we can simplify.

\log _2\left(x^x\right)=3+\log _2\left(1-x\right) logarithmic-equation-calculator. en. Follow @symbolab. Related Symbolab blog posts. High School Math Solutions – Logarithmic Equation Calculator.

Logarithmic equations are equations involving logarithms. In . Before you try to understand the formula for how to rewrite a logarithm equation as exponential equation, you should be comfortable solving exponential equations.

As the examples below will show you, a logarithmic expression like $$ log_2 $$ is simply a different way of writing an exponent! - Article Spinning, Text Rewriting, Content Creation Tool.