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The novel retells the events of McCourt's childhood leading up to his move to America when he was 20 years old. The novel revolves around the nine year-old protagonist, Oskar Schell who lost his father in the when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11th. He based it on stories from his radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion.

Short reports

Cross-border Academic Mobility in Medical Education: Faculty and Student Exchange and Research Partnerships October 5, The internationalization of medical education has expanded in response to factors including the globalization of health care delivery and improved communications channels.

The cross-border partnerships created within this context allow schools to leverage resources and remain competitive in a global market.

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To understand the impact of this trend, the supply of Short reports medical education exchanges should be recorded and monitored. This report presents data on the occurrence of student exchange, faculty exchange, and research opportunities in undergraduate medical education across national borders Short reports a select sample of undergraduate medical education programs.

Most schools reported having one or more cross-border partnerships. Slightly more than half of responding schools reported participation in student exchange cross-border, and almost one-third have cross-border faculty exchange. Almost half of the schools reported participation in a research partnership with an institution in another country, and the majority of these occurred between institutions located outside of their geographic region.

Longer established institutions and public medical schools indicated having more cross-border participation than their counterparts. Faculty and Student Exchange and Research Partnerships.

In addition to their ongoing contribution to the U. These findings will contribute to the existing research related to the U. Overall, a large proportion of IMGs were employed at the time of their application, and had experience as a health professional.

Many IMGs also contribute to the U. Previous experience in the health field can be of benefit to IMGs pursuing education and practice in the U.

Overview of For-Profit Schools in the Caribbean November 7, Globally, there have been projected shortages in the health care workforce along with reports of maldistribution of physicians.

Responding to these projections, there has been an increase in the number of for-profit medical schools, particularly those providing cross-border education. Several of these medical schools are located in the Caribbean, and the number of graduates providing patient care in the United States is increasing.

Descriptive information on the medical schools attended by these physicians, including estimates of enrollment and approvals by various agencies, is important for understanding the quality and the challenges of the education provided at these institutions.

This short report updates previously published information describing the medical education provided at for-profit offshore medical schools OMSs. There was a very large variation across school characteristics, and variability regarding accreditation and approvals. The number of individuals who obtained certification in was very low for some small or new schools, and almost 1, for older, larger schools.

Short reports

Approximately one-quarter of the institutions have participated in regional accreditation or approval processes. Due to the variability in quality and oversight of Caribbean medical schools and the increasing number of graduates practicing in the United States, various international initiatives are taking place to help ensure the quality of these institutions.

Overview of For-Profit Schools in the Caribbean. Nigerian Medical School Graduates and the U. Physician Workforce October 25, The migration of health care workers has been a concern for some time, due to the critical health care needs in donor countries. Migration of health workers to receiving countries like the United States U.

Nigeria has, historically, been considered one of the leading countries in the export of physicians. In this context, this FAIMER Short Report focuses on the demographic characteristics, examination performance, and practice profiles of graduates of Nigerian medical schools.

Graduates of Nigerian medical schools seek training and medical careers in the United States. Graduates of Nigerian medical schools providing direct patient care disproportionately serve vulnerable populations in the United States.Short Reports.

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Back to Types of Documents. Business and industry, as well as university, often demand short technical reports. They may be proposals, progress reports, trip reports, completion reports, investigation reports, feasibility studies, or evaluation reports.

As the names indicate, these reports are diverse in focus and aim, and differ.

What Is a Short Report? A short report consists of significant information of a particular topic that is meant to inform a reader. A report may either be oral or written in the report form of a memo or a letter.. It generally consists of a summary of the report, a brief background, a defined purpose, and a conclusion. What Is a Short Report? A short report consists of significant information of a particular topic that is meant to inform a reader. A report may either be oral or written in the report form of a memo or a letter.. It generally consists of a summary of the report, a brief background, a defined purpose, and a . Short reports are often written as a matter of duty and the assignment to write the report may be given very little advance notice. *Audience. The audience for a long report is generally broader than that for a short report, but long reports are primarily intended for people in the top levels of management.

Submitted short reports will be assessed for their educational message and accuracy. We encourage the submission of all short (case) reports that will further knowledge, learning and understanding of the topic they relate to.

Short reports are most often used by newspapers and other periodicals to share research or information about a currently trending topic or as an enhancement to a longer story.

Short reports are similar in structure to longer reports, but without any “fluff,” or opinions. Short reports are. Market statistics, market quality information, and program trading reports are all issued regularly for each of NYSE's markets.

The information provided in each report is designed to increase transparency between the exchange and our customers, and to comply with SEC regulations for providing selected data on selected order executions.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Examples Short Report. Short Report vs Long Report. Writing a report in business is a necessity and there are times when as a business manager you are required to write a detailed report and also times when you need to pass on concise information in a summarized fashion.

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